The third Transnational Project meeting was hosted by Istituto Comprensivo Madonna della Camera in Monteparano, Italy and took place on 24th-27th February 2019.  Two teachers from each partner school participated in the meeting representing, Emakosken koulu (Finland, Nokia), l. osnovna škola Čakovec (Croatia, Čakovec), Agrupamento de Escolas de Vila Nova de Paiva (Portugal, Vila Nova de Paiva) and I Spoleczna Szkola Podstawowa im. Unii Europejskiej (Poland, Zamość). Local teachers of Istituto Comprensivo Madonna della Camera,  involved in the project implementation,  took part in the meeting as well. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the progress of the project implementation, assess the creation of the project results, introduce any necessary adjustments and plan the final short-term exchange of students in Croatia. The project coordinators from the five partner schools discussed the issues concerning the budget, time management and monitoring. The participants took part in the workshop run by renewable energy experts from a local company ‘Appia Energy’, which was later visited by the international group. The meeting participants discussed the details of the main project results and the best dissemination channels. The Croatian coordinator Ivana Ruzic led a workshop on the use of tools (such as e.g. Canva) helpful in the project results creation. A visit to Taranto region made it possible to present the participants with the real scale of the environmental issues in one of the most polluted regions of Italy. Students, teachers and parents of Istituto Comprensivo Madonna della Camera  had a chance to talk to the international group of educators, which would not be possible without such international exchange. Different educational systems were compared and the mobility participants observed how Italian schools introduce environmental and entrepreneurial education in the region ecologically and economically neglected. The international meeting helped for better intercultural exchange.