The"Arbutos do Demo Joint Classroom" was held on May 7th from 9.00 to 13.00. This happened only after three attempts, due to the bad weather conditions. This activity was part of the plan of the Erasmus + project "Smarter ... Greener ... Safer ...".



Organized in the form of orientation test, each of the fourteen points marked on the map proposed a new challenge, in which the three students from each team were invited to solve / fulfill tasks in the subjects of Physical Education, Arts, Portuguese, Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. In this way we innovate in the way we challenge our students to learn and to acquire skills.



After some of them got "lost and found" and several miles walked beyond those marked on the map, in the end all showed faces of fatigue and joy. The Botanical Park Arbutos do Demo fulfilled once again one of its main functions: to help build "Powerful Emotions". Congratulations to all the 7th grade students for their participation. We believe that from those emotions good memories and good practices will be kept ...