Students of the 3rd grade compete each year in the city park. And during this school year, they walked to the park. On the way, they were watching the changes in nature. They were comparing the things they observed in nature with the things they learned at school. The weather is getting warmer. Plants are lush: full of leaves and flowers. The park is filled with insects and birds are singing. The students also noted that the clothes they were wearing were much lighter than the clothes they were wearing in the winter. Park games are different to those in winter. In the spacious park they played football, "hunting", they were walking and enjoying the warm weather.

In the nearby small park they hung bird feeders on trees, which they made together with the association NOBILIS. The feeders were made of plastic bottles and shoe boxes. Feeders were carefully cut and painted to be more attractive to birds. They were careful to make the openings on the feeders large enough to allow the birds to enter and feed easily. The members of the association were treated with some food in the class, and the 3rd grade students carefully packed the feeders.

They also made joint photographs of their welcome to the spring: park and play in the park and the production of bird feeders.