The goal of the project is a preventative action to fight against drug addiction among children and young people in the town of Čakovec, and the project is supported by the Lions Club Zrinski Čakovec, the Police and the Public Health Institute of the Međimurje County.

The project includes children's councils of the Children's Town Council of the Town of Čakovec, from all primary schools in the Čakovec area. The forums will be organized for students and school staff, and the lecturers will be staff of the Police and the Public Health Institute in Međimurje.


There are 6 educational workshops on the following topics: what is drug addiction, how can we fight addiction, how to organize students' free time, but also how to work in a team, and how to be happy without these addictions.


Within the framework of the 2nd Project Workshop on the topic: Addiction (Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, the Internet) a workshop was held on 8th February in the 1st Primary School Čakovec, and it was organized by the Children's Forum "Zmajići" with the hosts, Draženka Blažeka and Marija Toplek. The meeting of the participants was dynamic in the debate, and ended with the creation and presentation of posters and socializing.