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‘Greenpreneur’s Book’ is the best practice exchange guidebook consisting of a compilation of presentations  worked out by students from Poland, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Finland under Erasmus + project ‘Smarter… Greener… Safer…’ to meet the need for exchange of knowledge concerning environmental issues such as green energy, renewable sources of energy, saving energy, green technology, environmental protection and elements of green entrepreneurship. It is the outcome of the work done by five partner schools to the EU project. The guidebook has been divided into four parts entitled: GREEN ENERGY, GREEN TECHNOLOGYGREEN THINKING, GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 

We hope this eco-friendly e-compilation will be a useful source of information to everyone interested in environmental issues and entrepreneurship. 


Renewable sources of energy

Benefits of using green energy

Green energy in our countries

How to save energy?

Recycling and its benefits

Examples of recycled objects, how to promote anti-consumerism-useful tips

How and why to protect the natural heritage, useful tips/advice

Green technology around us

Green technologies in our household

Examples of green technologies and their advantages

What is green entrepreneurship

Benefits of green entrepreneurship

Green initiatives

Green business ideas

Green business plans

Green technologies commonly used in our countries





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