Our school is a public school with almost 800 pupils at the age of 6 to 14. It is a primary school. It is located in the north-western part of Croatia, near the Slovenian and the Hungarian border. Our school is currently a part of many international projects like “Safety and mobility for all”, “#codeEU”, “TakeIT Global”, “Hour of code”, eTwinning projects, two Erasmus+ KA2 projects, e-school, etc. Our school is well-computer equipped, various programming tools being used in class; our pupils are constantly encouraged to learn how to program and use ready-made software, research, plan and create their own social media and curation applications. Our school has a very good cooperation with Microsoft and Apple; thus, our school has the status of Apple partners in education. Great importance is attached to the mathematics, programming and robotics. The pupils in our school consistently performed great success in competitions in this area, and informatics teacher Ivana Ružić is the EU Code Week ambassador for Croatia. Our teachers and pupils’ works are regularly presented in public, at various regional, state and international conferences, for which the pupils and their mentors have won many awards and acknowledgments. School in its project activities enjoys great organizational and financial support of local authorities, industry and the wider community. As you know, Croatia is now the youngest member of the EU and we are very open to Europe and would like to be more open to new ideas coming from educational staff from all over Europe.

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