Our school  „ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO MADONNA DELLA CAMERA” consists of  different schools:  three kindergartens; three primary schools and three secondary schools. Our schools are in three different towns: Monteparano, Roccaforzata and Faggiano. Our Institute is located in Puglia, in the province of Taranto. The school building consists of 6 blocks. It has  9 kindergarten classrooms, 17  primary classrooms and 12 secondary classrooms; 3 administrators and 1 officer rooms. We have  teachers' room, a library, canteen,  an archive room.  In our region we have a lot of problems with unemployment.  Young people often leave the region and the country because they don’t have entrepreneurial skills.  Some of our students have also problems with maths and science. They don’t have practical skills and do not know how to solve problems in a creative way. Our region of Taranto is very polluted and ecological problems are very important for us. Taranto was declared a high environmental risk area by the Ministry of Environment because of the pollutants discharged into the air by the factories in the area, most notably the ILVA steel plant. International project dealing with saving the environment is a huge chance for us.  

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